Egyptian Cotton Bedding 1200 Thread Count Down Comforter & Duvet Cover Set

Egyptian Cotton Bedding 1200 Thread Count
Product Description

Sleep is the one thing that many people do enjoy as it is the best rest and relaxation activity. It helps replenish the energy that was lost during the day as well as rejuvenate the body so that it keeps on being healthy despite living a very active life. And in order to make sure that one gets proper sleep, it is essential to make the bed as comfortable and inviting as possible. This can be easily achieved by choosing a duvet cover set that not is only beautiful but is of fine quality as well. Doing so will surely enrich anyone’s sleeping experience.

While there are a lot of duvet sets that one can choose from, it is always essential to look for the best, something that is of exquisite standards not just aesthetically but in all the other aspects as well. And perhaps it is for this reason that many came to choose the Egyptian cotton bedding. For years, linen and bedding manufacturers have favored Egyptian cotton as a raw material because of its luxurious feel. It has a 1200 thread count which makes it really sturdy and thick but at the same time soft and snug when used.

For those who wish to experience the luxury of the Egyptian cotton bedding, then they will surely love the comforter and duvet cover sets made from 100% Egyptian cotton. This type of cover set will surely create a restful and relaxing feel for any queen sized bed. And apart from the comfort, this Egyptian cotton cover set is sure to bring class and sophistication to any room.

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Product Features/Specifications

Egyptian cotton bedding comforter and duvet cover sets come with a fitted queen size bedding that fits perfectly to any standard queen sized bed. The set includes a thick comforter and two king pillow cases which are made from the same Egyptian cotton with 1200 thread count to ensure the same luxurious quality and feel.

The duvet cover set comes in ivory colored design that exudes simplicity but at the same time incorporates elegance in the room. It is perfect for any themed room because of the solid design which gives it versatility as well.

Egyptian Cotton Bedding 1200TC Down Comforter & Duvet Cover Set

Egyptian Cotton Bedding Down Comforter & Duvet Cover Set

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Those who will have the privilege of experiencing this Egyptian cotton bedding will surely realize how much comfort it can bring. The 1200 thread count is the something that really made the cover set exquisite as it is thicker as compared to most bedding products. But what’s great about it is that despite being thick, it remains silky smooth and soft to the skin. It does not cause any skin irritation as the fabric just slides smoothly and perfectly.


Another great thing about this product is the fact that it is easy to clean. For a very delicate material, it is quite surprising that it can withstand being machine washed without undermining the quality of the fabric. It can also be tumble dried and still keep the material soft and smooth. Indeed, this Egyptian cotton bedding cover set is something that is worth having in every home.

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